Bringing context and visibility to genomic data.

Create panel of
your genomic data.

You have done great job in sequencing genomic data.

Now it is time to share the results and see the context.

We turn terabytes of your genomic data into meaningful information, enriching with annotators and aggregating for holistic view enabling secure sharing.



One click aggregation of genomic data in a specifically designed database leveraging big data practices. Aggregated population characteristics are automatically calculated from uploaded gene sequence variations in fraction of the time.



Data annotation using popular bioinformatic tools like VEP or Nirvana. Any other required tool can be integrated on demand to bring users the necessary information for comparative analysis or disease association.



Anonymous aggregated data are feeded through API to web portal – searchable, easily accessible and branded per request. Data scientists can access data directly through API from the tools of their choice.


Why floxgen?

Secure Data

With the increasing concern around data privacy, it’s important for genomic data to be handled with the utmost care. Floxgen offers a secure and anonymous data sharing option through API, serving aggregated data without compromising individual privacy while still allowing for knowledge-sharing among researchers.

One-click data aggregation will save bioinformaticians time and energy, allowing them to focus on data analysis instead of spending time on manual data integration and processing. The use of big data approaches to data storage and delivery through a simple api will facilitate data retrieval and presentation through a friendly user interface.


& Search

Visualization is a powerful tool for understanding complex genomic data and can help researchers identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent in the raw data. By providing interactive visualizations and strong search capability, this product makes it easier for researchers to identify and interpret patterns in the data, leading to more insightful and impactful discoveries.

“With the Floxgen platform, you gain the power to transform your sequenced data into expansive and information-rich population databases. Not only can you analyze individual samples in relation to your database, but you can also effortlessly share your findings and even publish the entire database!”

Bohuslav Dvorský

product manager

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